These high performance pipes and tubes are alloyed with higher contents of moly benumbs and nitrogen to improve the corrosion resistance and the strength are welded with over alloyed filler metals with nitrogen added to the shielding gas to become as high pitting ,corrosion resistance as possible in in the welding. Pipes made of nitrogen alloyed chloride resistance grades in the presented applications are welded with the addition of nitrogen in the shielding gas. Most of pipes are also with filter metal and heat treated when specified

Depending a how and where the pipes will be used it’s up to the end user to decide which type of heat treatment is necessary. Chloride enrichments give however, a risk for pitting, stress, corrosion for standard steel. The pipes are used all types of corrosive enticements in industries such as, chemical, metallurgical energy oil and gas ,pulp and paper , ships ,desalination and fast design properties and higher corrosion resistance other than conventional steel pipes.. These pipes are also used in number of applications where high demands are set as reliability, strength and corrosion resistance.





The steel with slight quality of elements other than carbon, silicon, sulphur and manganese is called carbon steel. These are alloyed iron with carbon as main constituent. The amount of carbon content in the steel pipe determines its hardness and strength. On the other hand it makes the steel more ductile. The carbon steel is tougher to melt and the high carbon content reduces weld ability as well. Carbon steel falls in the range of steel between ingot iron and cast iron.

They are cheaper and durable than the rest steel. It’s the most used material in steel segment and holds 85% of total steel production.

The carbon steel pipes and tubes are stronger and has a ultimate tensile strength. Since light weighted carbon steel pipes and tube are used in marine applications, nuclear projects and other high pressure exposures.


Black iron is the uncoated steel and is also called as black steel. When steel pipe is forged , a black oxide scale forms its surface which if seen on this type of pipe . Because steel is subject to rust and corrosion, the factory also coats it with protective oil. It’s sold in standard 21-food.


Widely applicable for ordinary uses in water, gas air and steam, black steel tubes and p pipes are utilized for gas distribution inside and outside the house and for hot water Circulation in boiler systems. It’s also used for line pipes in oil and petroleum industries for water wells and for water, gas and sewerage purposes. It’s is not used for portable water, drain waste.





Industrial pipe is the broad category of fluid and solid transport hardware used in many applications and industries. Usually, cylindrical pipe and rigid tube is used in process, energy conductors and may civil infrastructure applications. Industrial pipe and rigid tube are manufactured from a wide variety of material from a wide variety of material for the transport of equally of solids and fluids. Industrial pipe construction and material specifications are application depends upon user consultation with pipe suppliers. It’s typical for optimization of pipe selection.

Industrial pipes are manufactured in wide range of variety materials. Companies ratio and features assigned to industrial pipes include maximum pressure temperature range flexible , lined plated flanged and underground rated. The distinctive featured of industrial pipes made of steel are high tinseled property.


What is scaffolding and why is used?

Scaffolding is a temporary modular system forming a platform supporting people Or material from below or suspended from above from which workers stand while construction or repair work is done on large structures . It mostly supports while performing at height construction. For required different kind of scaffolding to simply the working procedure. It can range from Individual plains on the structural members to plant scaffolding. Thick steel scaffold plants can hold loads and resist more movements.


Steel pipelines which lie buried for hundreds of years has extraordinary properties including excellent stress crack resistance to natural gas.

Best Oil & Gas Pipelines:-

Small, medium and large diameter steel pipes are available heaviest and high strength steel moles lending and forming more difficult. Generally, ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) steel pipe are for oil and gas processing and transmission lines registered which assures consistent quality in its application. ERW pipes are equally in hot or wet applications line river crossing and rough terrain.